Secret Service Refuses FOIA Request for Kevin Walsh Data

  We sent a Freedom Of Information Act Request to the Phoenix Secret Service at this address:
Secret Service
3200 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Phoenix Secret Service Special Agent Ray LeBeau claimed that Kevin Walsh had threatened the life of the president of the United States. and instead of arresting him for threating the life of the president he asked the Phoenix Police to arrest him and have him jailed in a Maricopa County mental hospital called Desert Vista in Mesa, Arizona.

This sounds rather fishy. After all if Kevin threatened the life of the president shouldn't he be charged with a federal crime instead of the Secret Service requesting that Kevin be locked up in a Maricopa County Mental Hospital?

Since Kevin Walsh has not been charged with any crimes we wanted to get the full story and that's why we sent the freedom of information request (FOIA) to the Secret Service.

Instead of the local Phoenix Arizona Secret Service answering our request we got a response from these folks in Washington D.C.

U.S. Secret Service
Liaison Division
Building 410
245 Murry Drive
Washington D.C.
In my words the Secret Service told us:
F*ck off! We ain't going to give you sh*t!!!!
Of couse in govenrment gobbly gook the Secret Service which is now part of the Homeland Security sent us a 2 page letter with 2 boxes checked which explained the reason our FOIA request was denied. They also sent us paged 2 thru 34 of
6 CFR Chapter I and Part 5
I beleive CFR stands for Code of Federal Regulations and that this section contains the federal rules on why the Homeland Security goons at the Secret Service can deny Freedom of Information Act requests.

The first checked box with the reason the SS denied our request said:

Your Request constitutes a third party request, and without a properly notarized release from each individual, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of investigatory information pertaining to the person named in your request.
And the 2nd box checked they demanded we give them Kevin's birth date:
In order to facilitate our searching procedures, please furnish your complete name, date of birth, place of birth, and any additional identifying data, which would assist us in locating records responsive to your request. In the case of a third party request, please furnish the aforementioned information for the third party.

So much for a free open government. The Secret Service has accused Kevin Walsh of threatening the President of the United States, jailed him in a mental institution with out any charges and now they refuse to give us any information about what they are accusing him of doing to threaten the President nor give us any information on why they are calling him insane and jailing him in a mental institiution.


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