Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner arrested for his anti-Bush views


Kevin has been freed and can be contacted at

Kevin Walsh
5059 N 38th Place
Phoenix, Arizona 85018-1503


Kevin Walsh's recent political writings can be read at:

Arizona Secular Humanists

World Labour

A history of the institutions in which Kevin was held

Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner who was jailed by the Secret Service for making bad statements about President George W. Bush. Kevin Walsh had not been charged with any crimes, but the Secret Service had him locked up in a mental hospital saying he was a danger to the public, which is a lie.

After 4 months in a mental hospital they said Kevin was not insane. But they are charging him with some type of assult charges from when he was detained to take him to the mental hospital. He was transfered to the Maricopa County Jail. This jail is run by Sheriff joe Arpaio who claims to be the meanest sheriff in the USA. Kevin's public defender told Kevin that the conditions where he was jailed were worse then at death row in the Arizona state prison.

[No one ever told me I was not insane when I was transfered to jail from the mental hospital. Indeed, when I was transfered to jail, I was put in the psychiatric unit and placed on suicide watch. --Kevin Walsh]

Kevin had been moved to the Arizona State Prison as of August 17, 2005.
Kevin's address at the Arizona State Prison was:
Kevin Walsh
ADC #197573
Arizona State Prison Complex Tucson
HU 6 B4, Rincon Unit
PO Box 24403
Tucson, AZ 85734
The Physical Address was
ASPC - Tucson
Ricon HU6 B4
10000 South Wilmot
Tucson, AZ 85734
Fax (520)574-7300

Kevin's master was this asshole Warden Greg Fizer. This place sounds like it is a slave labor camp. And don't think I'm joking for calling it "slave labor", after all the 13th amendment says the government can use slave labor for punishment:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States
And wow according to their web page they page the slaves an average of $.65/hour!! Wow! If you ask me Kevin and the other inmates are nothing but slave labor for the state of Arizona to use as dirt cheep labor. This is THEIR description of the place
As part of an Intergovernmental Agreement ASPC-Tucson currently has a total of 27 inmate work crews; nine work crews are on contract with the Arizona Department of Transportation and work off-site trimming and cleaning debris from the median and sides of roads. The work sites cover an area between Tucson, Nogales, Marana and Sells. Other crews work for the Arizona State Parks Department at the Karchner Caverns located in Benson, Arizona. There are seventeen crews that work on site, either inside or outside of the secure perimeter, at the Santa Rita garden, Solar Industries and the fence project.

All units at ASPC-Perryville utilize inmate workers in a variety of jobs that are needed to assist in the functioning and operation of the facility. Arizona Law requires that all able bodied inmates work. The pay scale for most institutional jobs ranges between 10 cents and 50 cents per hour. The majority of jobs are to be found in the following areas: kitchen work, grounds keeping, maintenance, building porters/janitors, clerks, and recreation aides.

The Department has established some limited/specialized contracts with outside entities through Arizona Correctional Industries which allows some inmates to earn more than 50 cents per hour. A listing of these work programs can be found under the heading for each unit where they operate. Our Complex Detention Unit also has a Hard Labor Crew that works outside the complex under restraints and armed supervision.

ASPC-Safford has inmate workers in food service, building maintenance, transportation maintenance and general labor crews for upkeep and maintenance of its streets and grounds. Work crews are sent out daily to surrounding communities and for highway beautification projects. Other work crews include a Wildland Fire Crew, and a Livestock Management Crew which manages 120 head of livestock. Inmates work an average of 6 hours per day, 5 days per week in all work areas. ASPC-Safford also has a work crew that works year round salvaging food that would otherwise be wasted. This program provides food items to Food Banks statewide.

These are some of the Arizona laws that cover slave labor as used in Arizona:
County Jails

(using slaves to raise county revenue)

ARS 31-131.

Any monies received in the operation of an inmate industry program shall be transmitted to the county treasurer for deposit in the special services fund.

ARS 31-141

the sheriff shall cause the prisoner to be kept constantly engaged in labor during every day, Sunday excepted.

The sheriff may require prisoners ... to perform such labor as he deems necessary, even if the prisoner was not sentenced to hard labor.

no prisoner given a work assignment ... shall be considered an employee or to be employed by the county or the sheriff, regardless of whether the prisoner is compensated or not,

ARS 31-142.

The sheriff may ... require prisoners ... to be employed on the public streets

(A maximun wage for government slaves is set at $10 a day)

ARS 31-145

A prisoner sentenced to pay a fine shall be allowed not to exceed ten dollars per day credited to the fine for each day he is employed at hard labor.

A person committed for nonpayment of a fine shall be given credit toward payment for each day of imprisonment at the rate specified in the commitment not to exceed ten dollars per day.

State Prison

(a work week of OVER 40 hours is required)

ARS 31-251.

The director has the authority to require that each able-bodied prisoner ... engage in hard labor for not less than forty hours per week

"hard labor" means compulsory physical activity

no prisoner given a work assignment ... shall be considered an employee or to be employed by the state or the state ... whether the prisoner is compensated or not

ARS 31-252

A. The director may enter into a cooperative agreement with any ... department or agency ... to provide hard labor by prisoners on public works.

ARS 31-253

The director ... shall use prisoner labor to the maximum extent feasible in the construction of all prison facilities.

(a maximun wage for prison slaves)

ARS 31-254.

Each prisoner who is engaged in productive work in any state prison or institution ... shall not exceed fifty cents per hour

(slaves get punished for filing lawsuits)

If the prisoner initiates a lawsuit, twenty per cent from all deposits to the prisoner's spendable account until the court fees are collected in full.

(slaves have to pay for their room and board)

Thirty per cent of the prisoner's wages for the room and board costs of maintaining the prisoner at the facility.

[I was given to understand that the 30% deducted from our inmate wages went towards the "gate fee" or $50 one was given upon release. Once that was paid that deduction was no longer taken. Despite the statutes, I never knew of any instance of any inmate being compelled to work. Indeed, prison jobs were scarce and many inmates who wanted to work were not able to work. My cellmate was denied work as a punishment, after he was caught with marijuana. He was fired from his job cleaning the dining hall floor and barred from further inmate jobs for six months. --Kevin Walsh]

Kevin said after he copped a plea that made him less dangerous and he was moved to this new address:

Kevin Walsh
P016319 4F217
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S 4th Avenue
Phoenix, Az
Around May 2, 2005 Kevin was moved to a new address because his mom complained about the shitty visiting conditions at the new jail. This was his address:

Kevin Walsh
PO16319 4E403
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S. 4th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2138

On April 15, 2005 Kevin was moved to the new 4th Avenue Jail. This was his address:

PO16319 4B404
Fourth Avenue Jail
201 S. 4th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Kevin's old address at the now closed Madison Street Jail was:

PO16319 6-1-B11
Madison Jail
225 West Madison Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Rules for sending Kevin mail at the Maricopa County Jail

If an inmate is moved from his address you can contact Sheriff Joe Arpaio's goons to find the new address.

(602) 876-0322
It is only staffed by humans from 7am to 11am. And humans probably is not a good word to use for the vermin that run Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County Jail.


Kevin Walsh was a political prisoner who was jailed in a mental hospital by the Secret Service for his anti-Bush statements. Kevin Walsh had committed no crimes and the Secret Service had no evidence to charge Kevin Walsh with any crimes.